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Tiberian Genesis Mod

Sen†ry ²°°³

2D Sen†ry ²°°³, Cheetah, Qlyon, Sgt.Flyer, Quel
3D Sen†ry ²°°³, God Of Death, Cheetah, Sam, Qlyon, Sgt.Flyer, Quel
Script T_D, Jack Hammersmith, Cheetah, Black Raptor, NeoArmageddon, Sgt.Flyer, TonyRanger
Code Sen†ry ²°°³, T_D, MarcoH
Island Quel, NeoArmageddon
Missions T_D, Jack Hammersmith, Rico, 23-Down, NeoArmageddon, TonyRanger
Other Unsichtbar (Server)
Betatest still nothing to test
Released When it is done.

tiberian sun genesis banner.jpg

Tiberian Genesis is a modification planned for Armed Assault which will combine the RTS feeling of Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™ with the military simulation Armed Assault

Armed Assault


Currently we are planning to create a full conversion mod for Armed Assault. The addons will be released step by step: At the beginning we will release the first tech level of Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™, then the second and so on up to tech level 10 including the Firestorm™ units. After we have finished the complete project, you can expect a release of the full modification, containing all tech levels, miscellaneous objects, mutants and islands.

Here´s a small introduction about our plans:
-Release of the Units & Structures of tech level 1 - 10 (step by step)
-Release some SP missions [(atm no campaign(s) planed)]
-Release some MP missions
-Release of a MP mission called GTC (Global Tiberian Conflict). This will be a MP mission which will work like the game Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™, with the build menu, sounds etc, it will be like the CTI in OFP, just much better.
-Maybe some patches if needed

About the mod

This modification aims to provide the epic battle of GDI and NOD into the Armed Assault engine. It will provide players with the chance to experience what Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™ should have been, with the ability to handle and use many of the original features of the original game plus those enhanced features of the Armed Assault engine. Through this world you will get to see Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™ up close and personal, with glowing crystals of tiberium in fields of battle, walking mech warriors like the GDI Mammoth Mk.II, and the ability to control everything what you like, every vehicle, every defense building, and of course yourself.

- More news about us you can read at our site or at ofp.info link courtesy of



We have released 2 Addons for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance v1.96.
1. (GDI Titan) / Screenshots: 1/2/3 / Date: 06.12.2004
2. (GDI Juggernaut) / Screenshots: 1/2/3 / Date: 08.02.2006


Buildmenu (early WIP Alpha-version)
GDI Juggernaut Walkanim

GUI Menu for ArmA (WIP)
GUI Menu for ArmA

GDI Build Menu (Tech Demo)
new GDI Build Menu


We are currently looking for skilled:

  • Texture Artists
  • Scripters
  • Skinners

If you have any interests to join us, so please contact our project leader.

  • E-Mail: yipey88@hotmail.com
  • MSN: yipey88@hotmail.com
  • ICQ: 213-172-006

For more information, please visit: www.tiberian-genesis.org.


GDI Base
GDI Base
GDI Disruptor
GDI Juggernaut
Tiberium Harvester
Random Crate
GDI Infantry
NOD Infantry


Homepage: http://www.tiberian-genesis.org/
Forums: http://www.tiberiangenesis.11gebot.de/index.php