Tri-Factor Theory

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The Tri-Factor Theory (or unofficially the "Triple-S" theory) consists of doing an offensive maneuver using three principles:

  • Speed
  • Stealth
  • Skill

No one factor is more valuable than another. If all three are done correctly and equally in the attack, then victory is guaranteed.

How fast your force moves, the faster your force is moving the harder it is for your enemy to attack or defend.
How deceptive your force is during the maneuver. The more deceptive you are the more surprised the enemy will be
this is how effective your force is. The more skill your force has, the more damage you will inflict

You want to equalize all three factors, don't have more of a certain effect than the others:

  • If you have more speed, then the enemy will retreat.
  • If you have more stealth, then the enemy may split its forces.
  • If you have more skill, then the enemy may have called for reinforcements.

Combining two factors with equal effect is usually devastating to the enemy:

  • Having speed and stealth may confuse and immobilize the enemy.
  • Having speed and skill may surprise and overwhelm the enemy.
  • Having stealth and skill may confuse and disperse the enemy.

By having all three factors present and in equal terms the enemy will be surprised, confused, immobilized, and overwhelmed. So, in theory, you can annihilate an enemy.

       This theory has not been thoroughly tested so if it doesn't work review why and discuss 
it in the discussion part of this article. But give reasons why it failed, or how you executed it.