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PoB Near the austrian border
Lan German origin, therefore german language and bavarian dialect.
En-1 This user is able to contribute with a good level of English.
OMG This user hates Arma bugs

Real name: Alexander D.

Location: Bavaria

Age: 36

My BI Forums username is: CiA Balschoiw

Short Community Bio:

  • Started with OFP in 2001
  • Moderator at Advanced Editing forum
  • Made about 150 missions for OFP, singleplayer and multiplayer
  • Wrote the CiA cookbook for mission editing, island editing and scripting
  • Invented modular music-system to keep mission-size small
  • Converted Grouplink for FDF
  • Ringtone pack for OFP & OFP Elite, released to public on 12.24.2006
  • OFP Bootscreen, Login and Desktop Theme (unreleased)
  • Embedded new gfx - effects in Grouplink for FDF-use
  • BIS Community award 2003
  • Gamestar Arma - tester

Latest releases: