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About me

My nickname is Celoush. I'm czech lazy mission-maker, admin of ArmA Boulevard and EPJ squadleader. I'm from Brno, Czech Republic. If you understand czech, please visit my web http://mission-design.epj.cz or http://celoush.epj.cz. My email is celoush@seznam.cz

Portfolio Arma 3

When The Jungle is Silent - SP/COOP 1-10 patrol mission (2022).

Terra Sedoc - SP/COOP navigation and puzzle mission (2022).

Wulfenstein - Season One - SP looter/shooter/runner/cqb mission (2021).

Cope's Revenge 3 - Third continue of Cope´s Revenge (2019).

Druid - SP mission with not-traditional hero and experimental fear system (2014).

Experiment 003 - MP/PvP/COOP mission for exactly 3 players with hard final decision (2014).

Wulfenstein - Level 1 - SP maze/cqb mission with some basic game mechanisms (2013).

Portfolio Arma 2

Last Patrol of Tom Riha - sandbox NAPA story about last mission of Tom Riha (2010).

Battle of Stará Pole - short mission/battle using basic Arma 2 modules (HighCommand + Artillery) (2009).

Portfolio OFP

November Rain - week project, fast made mission combining stealth, air and infantry combat (2009).

Desert Lily - infantry mission for ČSLA mod update (2006).

Cope´s Revenge - simple mission in Wild West style (2005).

Toadstools - not so good atmospheric/horror mission. You can love it or hate it (2003).

Rychly blesk II - only in Czech (2003)

Rychly blesk I - only in Czech (2002)

Unfinished (beta) projects

Cope´s Revenge 2 - continue of Cope´s Revenge (for Arma 2).