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My real name is: Deniz Car

My date of birth is 30-12-1987

My OFP profession: Mission editing and scenario writing. Occasionally unedited combat photography.

What else can I say... My current education is Plane technician, on a school in Hoofddorp, wich is near Schiphol in the Netherlands. Once I finish my education there I will have a "J.A.R." diploma, wich I can use to get a job in the military, small aviation, or big air companies, just about everywhere in europe.

My hobbies are videogames, and Anime. some of my favorite games are Act of War, Operation: Flashpoint, multiple flight simulators, and C&C: Generals. Some of my favorite anime are Full Metal Panic, Full Metla Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, and Elfen Lied.

and I dont know what else you want to know. Actually, I've been thinking about starting a Blog recently, but I dont think Bis will appreciate me wasting their bandwith for that goal.

This was my profile,