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Real Name : Jason Olsen
Game Name : LiTTLe GaNgSTa
DOB : 14/2/91
Gender : Male :p
OFP Experience : 1 Year

I am a staff member at a site called Clanshout. Clanshout are a server rental company who sell servers for OFP and Teamspeak only. When Armed Assault is realeased, Clanshout will be selling servers for that game aswell. Check them out!

I am in a gaming clan called Three 6 Mafia. We play all sorts of diffrent game modes including Crime City Mod, CTF, DM , TDM, C+H and many more.
IF you are intrested and want to find out more check out

I am also a staff member on a site dedicated to Armed Assault Leagues. We will be running online leagues for many diffrent modes. The league script is under construction as well as the site itself. Bookmark

Thanks for Reading!