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VIG Logo-med.png My nickname is: Vigilante

I was born in 1978 in Germany and I am into these games here since about the year 2000.

My ArmA/Arma 2 Addons-related Website: Vigilante-Systems

@ YouTube: ArmA/ArmaII/VBS2 Videos

A nice ArmA/Arma 2 Community Developer Website:

My Projects

All Projects are bound to be based off their real-life counterparts!

{{greenSection|fg=#a3b0bf|bg=#cedff2|ArmA Projects| n/a
(Basically i began moving all ArmA Projects to Arma 2. Sorry but Arma 2 is soo much better in terms of scripting, effects and gameplay!)


{{greenSection|fg=#a3b0bf|bg=#cedff2|Arma2 Projects| CASP (dead link)
Community Armor Systems Project

Javelin Antitank Missile System

VIG_Stinger (dead link)
Stinger Antiair Missile System

VIG_VOSS (dead link)
Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System

M93 Hornet WAM (Wide Area Mine)

Clusterbombs based off the Tactical Munitions Dispenser

Bombs of the Mk80 Family

Transceivers Interfaces

2D Instrument Panels for Aircraft (Like the ACP 'Armament Control Panel'


{{greenSection|fg=#a3b0bf|bg=#cedff2|VBS2 Projects| VBS2Fires
Main Scripter (VBS2)

Main Scripter (VBS2)