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My Wiki username is: RichUK

My Wiki contributions: Contributions:RichUK

I can do my private editing experiments in RichUK/Sandbox

RichUK's User Page

I am a member of the OFPEC Editors Depot Staff, and long standing OFP user and scripter.

...I must have bought at least a dozen copies of OFP, ranging from the original individual games Cold War Crisis, Red Hammer and Resistance, to Game of the Year (GOTY) and Flashpoint Elite editions... some of which I have sold on to others that will hopefully join the wonderful OFP community.

In RL, I am the Technical Educational Service Manager for a software company making IDP (Integrated Data Protection) products, including small business to Enterprise level Backup software. I worked for the original UK-based company for 5 years, but have since worked for nearly 6 years at our new global Head Office based in San Deigo, California, USA, soon after it opened. Until earlier this year, I spent 3 years as a Technical Specialist for them.

I have a deep commitment to OFP, ArmA and the community and am now running an ArmA Demo Server from California, USA.


RichUK 04:06, 27 December 2006 (CET)