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LDD Kyllikki
LDD Kyllikki logo.jpg
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One of oldest OFP squads still active

Squad of many FDFMod developers

30th of March 2001


We are essentially an Operation Flashpoint Squad comprised mainly of Finnish Army reservists. We play as the Resistance in Operation Flashpoint, since they have the kind of equipment a Finnish reservist infantry brigade would have during wartime. Additionally, the Resistance is between NATO and the Soviets in OFP, which suits LDDK's political stance rather nicely.

The organizational structure and rank system follows Finnish Army standards, although few liberties are taken in some occasions. We don't go into too much detail or hard-core roleplaying, but do maintain a certain degree of organization to ensure equal treatment for everyone. Our aim is to be visible in the OFP scene, fighting in organized manner against other squads, but we also play co-op matches against the AI. Training has an important role in developing fighting skills and tactics of our squad members. There's always room for improvement.


Local Defence Detachment "Kyllikki" was officially formed on 30th of March 2001.


LDD Kyllikki's OFP server is open. Playing does not require LDD Kyllikki's membership.

However, playing on the server does require:

  • A legal copy of the game Operation Flashpoint and its official expansion Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.
  • Version 1.96.
  • Every addon from the Addons section of Kyllikki web site.
  • FDF Mod version 1.4 installed and launched.
  • Voice setup run from OFP preferences (even if you don't have a microphone so you are able to hear other players).
  • Good manners in game and outside the game.
  • Understanding the basics of team play.
  • Joining Quakenet's #Kyllikki irc channel (a player not found on the channel may be banned from the server!).

You will find the server's address and password on Quakenet's IRC channel #Kyllikki.

Notice: Never join the server when there is a text "Servu varattu" or "Server reserved" in the topic of the irc channel! The server is in Kyllikki's private use a few times per week. If there is a time mentioned in the topic, it's GMT+2.

Also please notice that while international players are welcome, you are the minority. Most of the players are Finns and Finnish is the primary command language during the game. Most Finns speak good enough English, but not all, and there may not be enough time to communicate everything bilingually. So enjoy the game, but kindly adjust.

DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THE ADDRESS OR THE PASSWORD TO ANYONE. If we have any problems with this, the server WILL be closed from public and the players responsible will be banned.

For latest information about server, see [LDD Kyllikki web site]


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