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On my homepage you'll find some useful utilities for modding OFP. One is a config-syntax checker, that may be used on every text-config (config.cpp, resource.cpp, description.ext, mission.sqm, ...) that OFP knows.

Also there is the automated Addon creation tool, that checks the config, calls binarize, creates a PBO and copies to the specified addon-directory (of a mod) of the OFP-directory; this tool is called Recon.

I also am working on a Mission-generator and island-generator, which go under the name CTW. More to come.


Current projects I am working on:

  • German Artillery Pack
  • ACES, the Aircraft and Chopper Equipment Standard
  • CTW, Conquer the World
  • diverse Modding utilities (RECON, CfgCheck, ReplaceTex, Packer).

German Artillery Pack

Editing Tag

My Editing Tag (OFPEC Tag) is SCF.