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Theatre of War, the 2nd Largest Team PvP War Campaign

Theatre of War has a mature and knowledgeable global membership delivering the ultimate feature rich Armed Assault tournament, run by players for players. It is an ongoing war campaign run in an organized quazi-military ranks system where you can learn skills, earn medals, and make friends while teaming up against the smartest, deadliest enemy organization possible in ArmA.

Advanced Combat Environment (ACE), When Realism Really Matters

Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) is a mod in progress for Armed Assault that is being done by the core crew that was responsible for the excellent Wargames League (WGL) mod for Operation Flashpoint (OFP). This will undoubtedly become the primary mod that Shack Tactical uses in the future - the level of enjoyable realism present in WGL was second-to-none and redefined how we played, and ACE appears set to take this even further.