Alexander Ivashkin

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It looks like you got blocked somewhat by accident when you did your recent edits.
Unfortunately, there was a major hacking attack going on at that time, and since it wasn't quite clear whether your edits were legit or not, we wanted to err on the safe side.

Upon closer review of your edits though, it seems that your edits were made in good faith, and therefor the block has been removed.
(It would have been a good idea though, if you would've explained those changes on the talk page, as they did reverse the meaning of the edited sections, and in cases like that it is sometimes hard to judge whether the modifications are appropriate. Especially if those edits are done by a new member.).

Hope this didn't scare you off too much, and that you'll continue to contribute here.

--Kronzky 06:37, 12 April 2007 (CEST)