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Gathered know-how

Proper use of IF-function:

Only ever use one single check per IF-function, because SQF doesn't do lazy evaluations. ALL of the checks in an IF-clause will be tested, even if the first one and all before the current tested one has failed.

NOTE EXCEPTION: Code can be used for lazy evaluation since build 93640.

Example: if ((nr >= 0) and {alive(someArray select nr)}) then {};

Substitute while-loop with waitUntil

Since while-loops only run for 10000 iterations one can instead use waitUntil with a false return value to emulate a while-loop that needs to run for the entire mission.


    ...your code here...
    sleep 0.5;

Mute annoying in-game comms

Use any of the below alone or in combination depending on wanted result:

enableRadio false; //disable radio messages to be heard and shown in the left lower corner of the screen

0 fadeRadio 0; //mute in-game radio commands

player setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; //disable greeting menu

Multiplayer Scripting

Code Optimization


Programming standards and suggestions

ACE-related tips and tricks

Proper DAGR. No map

by using showGPS = 0; in description.ext the DAGR can't use the default GPS map-function (Ctrl-M), but otherwise works as it should.