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Xpacker is used to pack and unpack data (for example MODs) for Carrier Command.
Xpacker is included in CC:GM SDK release.

Video files not must be compressed. -> If you have some in your MOD, use exclude suffixes parameter on them when you want to pack the MOD.


xpacker [-r][-m][-n][-#] target.zip [source-dir, ...]
xpacker -u[-r][-n] source.zip [source-dir] [target-dir]

xpacker.exe -u "c:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\data00.cc" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\unpacked_data\"

unpacks data00.cc in Carrier Command folder into subfolder "unpacked_data" in the same folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\xpacker.exe -r6mn .wav:.ogg:.ttf:.xob:.wmv:.dds -x .txo data01.cc .\worlds .\video .\gui \materials .\particle

This command uses xpacker.exe in Carrier Command directory to pack (recursively and with medium level of compression) subdirs "worlds", "video", "gui", "materials" and "particle" of current dir into data01.cc file, which will be placed in current directory. When the data are packed it will delete the source files and folders ("m" parameter). "-x .txo means that it will not include any .txo files in the final archive. "n .wav:.ogg:.ttf:.xob:.wmv:.dds" means that wav, ogg, ttf, xob, wmv and dds files will be added into archive, but will not be compressed. This exact option is recommended for Carrier Command mods for the best performance. In case of wmv files it is crucial because wmv files MUST NOT be compressed.


-r Recursive
-u Unpack
-# 0...9 level of compression
-n Don't compress suffixes
-m Move to archive
-x Exclude suffixes
-productId # Product identifier
-key $ Encrypt key