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Zones are used for defining a specific space within the map. Common Zones:


  • Zones can be grouped with other objects, but they cannot be welded.

Position and Rotation

  • Zones all have position and rotation.
  • Capsules cannot be rotated by typing in angles or using the Rotate mode. It will reset back to (0,0,0) for the rotation.
  • There are several ways to rotate a capsule so it is wider than tall. The zone can be grouped and the group can be rotated. Alternatively, the zone can be set to animated and a rotation animator can rotate it 90 degrees around the X or Z axis.


  • This property controls the traditional function of the zone.
  • Zones can be disabled but still be visible in-game.


Zone shape

  • The shape of the zone can be set to:
    • Block
      Ylands Zone Block Example.png
    • Capsule
      Ylands Zone Capsule Example.png
    • Sphere
      Ylands Zone Sphere Example.png

Radius / Dimensions

  • This changes the size of the Zone.
  • For capsules, the radius must be less than (or equal to) half of the height.
  • Impassable Barriers cannot be larger than 96 in any dimension.


  • Makes the Zone visible even in-game.


  • Color of Zone boundaries (when visible).
  • Alpha for this color determines the transparency of the Zone. An alpha value of 0 is invisible and an alpha value of 255 (or 1 using the Color Tile) is no longer transparent. 55 is the default alpha value.


  • AI Behaviour can use an invisible zone for the Loiter behavior type. This zone is also not visible within the Editor.
  • Water Volume does not behave like other zones, but is similar to a block zone and it can be scaled similarly.
  • Particle Effects can also be scaled similarly.

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