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Black Goblin
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2006 by MOSES


We're a German Armed Assault clan with members all over Germany. The clan was founded due to the release of ArmA in 2006. At the moment there are 6 full-members and some trial members. Tending to more.


esports-Base offers a platform, in principle for all online games. Mainly for ego shooters and tactical shooters like the classic Operation Flashpoint and it is long awaited continuation Armed Assault.

The eSports-BASE portal offers extensive information about the active eSports-BASE sections and forums. The extension of each section in our portal is working through the possiblity of Multisites. Servers for each section are - according to demand - provided and set up by eSports-BASE.

Whether league or fun - eSports-BASE gives members the possibility to lead and manage an own squad. Thus to found one's own clan, but with the advantage of a game server, Teamspeak and homepage provided for free.


Who has not already noticed will realize that the internet is shaped by the community. In fact it lives because of someone, who creates a web page, sells something, or foudns a clan. But it is neccessary to add, that this is monstly just done by voluntary committment and financing, e.g. for a server. Thus everyone is supposed to respect each other.

eSports-BASE doesn't tolerate discriminating and racist attitudes. eSports-BASE stands for a reasonable behaviour against each other. Personal attacks are not permitted.

A good gaming community is much more worth. eSports-BASE wishes everyone lots of fun and a fair fight.

Game history and the founders

In 2002 we started playing eSports - with the famous game Operation Flashpoint, which is played still. More games followed, such as Söldner Secret Wars, CoD, Joint Operations, FarCry, CoD2, America's Army and Counter Strike Source.

Due to the lasting for years contact to the eSports community this project arose in October 2006. If you are still reading, we'd like to thank you for your attention.

Yours, the eSports-BASE team

We're looking for

  • squad leaders, news admins, mods


- eSports-BASE Homepage