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Introduced with Arma 3 version 2.002.00
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Returns road info in format [mapType, width, isPedestrian, texture, textureEnd, material, begPos, endPos, isBridge]

The bridges are special case. Only large bridges are part of Road Net. Small pedestrian bridges are not recognized as roads. Bridge `mapType` is "ROAD" so the best way to detect bridges is to check `isBridge` boolean. Bridges are not part of new roads and don't have the same info as other new roads, so only `mapType`, `texture` (maybe `textureEnd`), `begPos`, `endPos` and `isBridge` are updated.
Pedestrian roads `mapType` is usually "TRAIL". They are part of Road Net but excluded from path finding. Use roadsConnectedTo with alternative flag to find the connections between pedestrian roads.


getRoadInfo road
road: Object
Return Value:
Array in format [mapType, width, isPedestrian, texture, textureEnd, material, begPos, endPos, isBridge], where:
  • mapType: String - road segment type, could be "ROAD", "MAIN ROAD", "TRACK", "TRAIL" (see nearestTerrainObjects)
  • width: Number - road segment width
  • isPedestrian: Boolean - when true road is for pedestrian use only
  • texture: String - road segment surface texture
  • textureEnd: String - road segment surface texture
  • material: String - road segment surface material
  • begPos: PositionASL - start of the road segment
  • endPos: PositionASL - finish of the road segment
  • isBridge: Boolean - when true road segment is a bridge


Example 1:
getRoadInfo _road
Example 2:
Get direction of the road segment:private _info = getRoadInfo _road; private _dir = (_info select 6) getDir (_info select 7);

Additional Information

See also:
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