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-[uTw]- united Teamwork
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Bert, MadPro, Nyles, CoolTrigger, Tenkian, Wlad, Bad Joker, DonUtz, Elektrognulf, Ernie, Fallen, Invi, Lucky, Meermumu, Snakeater, Splatti and velox
Former members
Quite a few
3rd place C-Com CUP, 2002
August 16th, 2001

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The clan "united Teamwork" or -[uTw]- is a German speaking multi-section gaming squad that mainly focuses on Bohemia Interactive's Operation Flashpoint. It was founded on August 16th, 2001 by MadPro, Mehrpack, DragonForce, Leviathan and Maverick. Besides OFP, united Teamwork had sections for Neocron, FarCry, Vietcong and Red Orchestra.

-[uTw]- has been active in a number of multiplayer leagues for Operation Flashpoint like the German ESL. Besides standard OFP, the clan also focused on a number of mods, created by the OFP community like FDFmod.

There has always been a trend of playing fast action games like FlatOut and games of simulation like Steel Beasts Pro PE and VBS1 side by side, often completing each other in unexpected ways.

The Capital T

A special marking in the clan's name is the capitalized T letter, while all other letters are in lowercase. This originates from the German motto: "Bei uns wird Teamwork gross geschrieben!", meaning "We capitalize teamwork!" which literarilly translates to "We place emphasis on teamwork!".

The clan's English motto is "Team works."

Squad XML

Members of the squad can be identified in Operation Flashpoint by their clantag and logo stored in the squad.xml file.

Squad XML logo

Squad Events

[Summer LAN 2003]
[Summer LAN 2004]
[Summer LAN 2005]


The clan is present in the Internet Relay Chat on Quakenet in the channel #unitedteamwork.


united Teamwork has its own clanserver, which is running on demand at the following address:

OFP & mods @
VBS1 @

The server might be passworded


-[uTw]- Logo

[united Teamwork homepage]