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about arma's multi player


Recruitment to squads

Some servers have an interface that allows you to join different squads. A recruitment hut can be provided to allow you to change squads after a spawn.

Dedicated Server

See Dedicated Server for information about the dedicated server.

VOIP support

Armed Assault supports VOIP. You can speak over VOIP by holding down the CAPS LOCK key. Different VOIP channels are also supported just like the chat feature.

The default value is 3, you can adjust the value in the range: 0 to 10 with the greater value for the better codec, but the trade off is in bit-rate and mflops.

 Mode  Quality  Bit-rate (bps)      mflops         Quality/description
   0   -               250               0     No transmission (DTX)
   1   0             2,150               6     Vocoder (mostly for comfort noise)
   2   2             5,950               9     Very noticeable artifacts/noise, good intelligibility
   3   3-4           8,000              10     Artifacts/noise sometimes noticeable
   4   5-6          11,000              14     Artifacts usually noticeable only with headphones
   5   7-8          15,000              11     Need good headphones to tell the difference
   6   9            18,200            17.5     Hard to tell the difference even with good headphones
   7   10           24,600            14.5     Completely transparent for voice, good quality music
   8   1             3,950            10.5     Very noticeable artifacts/noise, good intelligibility

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Persistent multiplayer battlefields

The persistent world is configured in two parts. First there is the server side setting, letting the server know to run in this mode. The persistent multi player option is enabled in the server.cfg this allows the server to run even when there are no players present on the server.

The second part of this puzzle is left to the mission designer. The mission must contain either instant respawn or base respawn options located in the description.ext file.

When these two criteria's are met you have created a perpetual world. The mission will terminate only when the mission logic terminates it. For example when a missionEnd trigger is activated.

Join in Progress (JIP)

The Join In Progress (JIP for short) feature was first introduced in Operation Flashpoint: Elite, and expected to be a very big hit in Armed Assault. This feature allows you to join in a multi player match/game while it is running, you don't have to wait for the next mission as you do in Operation Flashpoint. Many expect this feature to be popular and benefit all modes of game play.

Based on information from OFP: Elite you can disable the JIP on the server admin level by simply disabling any AI (playable slots) on the server screen. This reverts back the OFP style, where you can join the MP game but are stuck in the lobby so to speak.


To support the Multiplayer-Community in their effort to play as teams, like many ArmA-clans and squads are doing, its possible to create a common information file - the squad.xml -, which is stored on a personal webspace and loaded by the ArmA-Gameserver, if a member of this team will be there.

Beside detailed information about the single player and its team which can be gained by pressing "P" ingame, the feature supports also a common logo, which will be displayed on vehicles, if such team has boarded it.