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The Description.ext file sets the overall mission attributes, and defines some global entities that will be available to other scripts. It is placed in mission's root folder. It uses the same syntax and structure as the Config.cpp file, but supports only a limited number of the full set of Config.cpp classes. Many, such as CfgVehicles, won't work.

In OFP:Elite this file is required for MP missions. If this is not included, a "-1 error" is shown when selecting the mission and the mission won't load.

 ! For edits to description.ext to take effect in Preview you must first save or re-load the mission into the editor.


Intro- duced in Attribute Type Description See Also
ofp 1.00.gif


String Displays a message while the mission is loading. Note that a mission that takes very little time to load will only display the message for a short time. Care should be taken to see whether your message is readable in that timeframe.
onLoadMission = "YourMissionName";

The OnLoadMission option is used to present the mission name to the user. In MP this is the name you see when selecting a mission and also the name that is presented to the GameSpy browser.

ofp 1.00.gif


String Displays a message while the intro is loading.
onLoadIntro = "YourMessage"
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Define whether you will see the time and date displayed while the mission loads. 1 means visible, 0 hidden.
onLoadMissionTime = 1;
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Define whether you will see the time and date displayed while the intro loads. 1 means visible, 0 hidden.
onLoadIntroTime = 1;
arma2oa 1.51.gif


String You can define a picture to be shown while the mission is loaded.

The path is relative to the mission folder.

loadScreen =  "pictures\intro.paa";
TKOH 1.00.gif


Class Define mission specific loading texts.
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Set minimum score for your mission. Score is related to the star display in the debriefing screen. The score can be influenced during a missions progress by using the addRating command.
minScore = 0;

Values have to follow this formula: minScore < avgScore < maxScore. Any other combinations can lead to game freeze upon mission end.

avgScore, maxScore
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Set average score for your mission. Score is related to the star display in the debriefing screen. The score can be influenced during a missions progress by using the addRating command.
avgScore = 1800;

Values have to follow this formula: minScore < avgScore < maxScore. Any other combinations can lead to game freeze upon mission end.

minScore, maxScore
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Set maximum score for your mission. Score is related to the star display in the debriefing screen. The score can be influenced during a missions progress by using the addRating command.
maxScore = 75000;

Values have to follow this formula: minScore < avgScore < maxScore. Any other combinations can lead to game freeze upon mission end.

minScore, avgScore
ofp 1.00.gif


String or Number Sets respawn type.

Can be one of:

  • 0 or "NONE" - No respawn
  • 1 or "BIRD" - Respawn as a seagull
  • 2 or "INSTANT" - Respawn just where you died.
  • 3 or "BASE" - Respawn in base.
    • Requires a marker named:
      • respawn_west
      • respawn_east
      • respawn_guerrila
      • respawn_civilian
    • Add markers named with the prefix 'respawn_west' with any suffix (eg: respawn_westABC, respawn_west1, respawn_west_2, etc) for multiple random respawn points. Similarly for east, guerrila and civilian.
    • Vehicle respawn in base requires a marker named:
      • respawn_vehicle_west
      • respawn_vehicle_east
      • respawn_vehicle_guerrila
      • respawn_vehicle_civilian
  • 4 or "GROUP" - Respawn in your group (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull).
  • arma 1.08.gif 5 or "SIDE" - Respawn into an AI unit on your side (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull). With this respawn type, team switch is also available to any AI controlled playable units.
respawnDelay, respawnVehicleDelay, respawnDialog
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Set respawn delay in seconds.
respawnDelay = 42;
respawn, respawnVehicleDelay, respawnDialog
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Set vehicle respawn delay in seconds.
respawnVehicleDelay = 11;
respawn, respawnDelay, respawnDialog
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Show the scoreboard and respawn countdown timer for a player if he is killed with respawnType 3. Default is 1 (true).
respawnDialog = 0;
respawn, respawnDelay, respawnVehicleDelay
ofp 1.00.gif


Class General sounds that can be used for dialog, voiceovers in the briefing etc.
class CfgSounds
	sounds[] = {};
	class wolf1
		// how the sound is referred to in the editor (e.g. trigger effects)
		name = "my_wolf_sound";
		// filename, volume, pitch
		sound[] = {"fx\wolf1.ogg", 1, 1};
		// subtitle delay in seconds, subtitle text 
		titles[] = {1, "*wolf growls*"};

Use in missions:

playSound "wolf1";   // use the class name!
player say ["wolf1", 100];

(see tutorial)

ofp 1.00.gif


Class Radio sentences
class CfgRadio
	sounds[] = {};
	class RadioMsg1
		name = "";
		sound[] = {"\sound\filename1.ogg", db-100, 1.0};
		title = "I am ready for your orders.";
	class RadioMsg2
		name = "";
		sound[] = {"\sound\filename2", db-100, 1.0}; // .wss implied
		title = {$STR_RADIO_2};

Note that the location of the sound file is relative to the mission.

Use in missions:

unit sideRadio "RadioMsg2";
ofp 1.00.gif


class CfgMusic
class MarsIntro { name = ""; sound[] = {"\music\filename.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; }; class Ludwig9 { name = ""; sound[] = {"\music\filename.ogg", db+10, 1.0}; }; };

Name can be left blank as in the examples above. Only specify a name if you wish to access these sounds via the environment options of a trigger.

Title is the text string that will be displayed on the screen when the sound file is played. See also Stringtable.csv

 ! Setting volume (db) of music far from zero will disable fadeMusic command. Optimal values are from -10 to 10.

Use in missions:

playMusic  "MarsIntro"
ofp 1.00.gif


Class Define the identities of individual units, you can specify the face, type of glasses worn, voice, tone of voice and name of an identity. You then give a specific unit this identity by using the command setIdentity in the mission. Note: nameSound is only valid for ArmA3.
class CfgIdentities
	class MyLittleSoldier
                nameSound = "Givens"; // ArmA3 only!

See Category:CfgIdentities for valid options for: face, glasses, speaker etc.

arma2 1.00.gif


Class Define a functions for your mission. See Functions Library for detailed info. Functions Library
arma 1.00.gif


Array List of keys (needed for keysLimit)
keys[] = {"key1","key2","key3"};

Note that unlike other 'text' items $STR_ variables (in the stringtable.csv for the mission) cannot be used

keysLimit, doneKeys
arma 1.00.gif


Number Number of keys from the keys list needed for unlock a mission.
keysLimit[] = 2;
keys, doneKeys
arma 1.00.gif


Array Name of key(s) needed for mark a mission in SP missions list as completed.
doneKeys[] = {"key4"};

Note that unlike other 'text' items $STR_ variables (in the stringtable.csv for the mission) cannot be used

Keys can be activated using activateKey and checked by isKeyActive.

keys, keysLimit
ofp 1.00.gif


Number When 1, removes all playable units which do not have a human player. When 0, a logging out player will have AI take control of his character. Default value is 0. (MP)
disabledAI = 1;

Disabling all the AI units will prevent JIP into playable units.

ofp 1.00.gif


Number Enables scorelist for AI players
aiKills = 1;
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Skip briefing screen for SP missions. If no briefing.html is present, it is skipped anyway.
briefing = 0;

Briefing will still be displayed untill all clients are connected and done loading.

ofp 1.00.gif


Number Defines if the debriefing is shown or not at the end of the mission.
debriefing = 0;
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Enables/Disables the GPS
ShowGPS = 0;

In ArmA 1.04 toggle this option to disable the mini map attached to the GPS.

showGPS, shownGPS
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Defines if the compass is visible.
showCompass = 0;
showCompass, shownCompass
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Defines if the map is shown after the mission starts.
showMap = 0;
showMap, shownMap
arma 1.00.gif


Number In ArmA, defines if the NotePad is shown after the mission starts.
showNotePad = 0;
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Defines if the NotePad is shown after the mission starts. (Not in ArmA)
showPad = 0;
showPad, shownPad
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Defines if the watch is visible.
showWatch = 0;
showWatch, shownWatch
arma3 1.16.gif


Number Enables/Disables the UAV Feed
showUAVFeed = 0;
showUavFeed, shownUavFeed
TKOH 1.00.gif


Number When scripted player is enabled, game no longer shows "No player select" error message upon mission start when no player unit is present.
scriptedPlayer = 1;
ofp 1.00.gif


Class Defines custom UI displays.

To show such displays, use cutRsc or titleRsc.

ofp 1.00.gif


Class Set weapons available to players during the briefing.
class Weapons 
	class AK74 {count = 8;};
	class RPG7V {count = 2;};
	class Binocular {count = 2;};
magazines, backpacks
ofp 1.00.gif


Class Set magazines available to players during the briefing.
class Magazines 
	class 30Rnd_545x39_AK {count = 32;};
	class PG7V {count = 6;};
	class HandGrenade {count = 16;};
weapons, backpacks
arma2oa 1.51.gif


Class Set backpacks available to players during the briefing.
class Backpacks 
 	class US_Patrol_Pack_EP1 {count = 4;};
 	class US_Assault_Pack_EP1 {count = 4;};
weapons, magazines
ofp 1.00.gif


Number Allows equipment transferred from one campaign mission to the next to be available during the briefing in the gear menu.
weaponPool = 1;

See also Command Group: Weapon Pool.

arma2oa 1.56.gif


Number Allows subordinates (i.e., not leaders) to equip items defined in weapons, magazines and backpacks.
allowSubordinatesTakeWeapons= 1;
ofp 1.00.gif


String titleParam1 and titleParam2 (% in title is replaced either by 1 or 2) are multiplayer options. These options are seen in the lobby of a multiplayer game. These options can be useful for setting time limits and score limits in such games as Capture the Flag and Death Matches. Other popular uses include accelerate time, setting the mission difficulty or switching the intro on/off.

In the mission param1 and param2 have the values of the chosen options. Many people will assign a variable in the init.sqs file to param1 for simplicity, an example of this would be to assign variable timelimit = param1.

titleParam1 = "Time limit:";
valuesParam1[] = {0, 300, 600, 900};
defValueParam1 = 900;
textsParam1[] = {"Unlimited", "5 min", "10 min", "15 min"};
titleParam2 = "Score to win:";
valuesParam2[] = {10000, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30};
defValueParam2 = 5;
textsParam2[] = {"Unlimited", 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30};
ofp 1.00.gif


Array See titleParam% titleParam%
ofp 1.00.gif


Number See titleParam% titleParam%
ofp 1.00.gif


Array See titleParam% titleParam%
arma2 1.03.gif


Class See Arma 3 Mission Parameters
arma 1.00.gif


Class See Multiplayer Game Types
arma2oa 1.62.gif


Array Disable global, side, command and system chat. MOTD and admin say have exception and will show in global. Introduced in BETA 1.60.93398.

0 = Global
1 = Side
2 = Command
3 = Group
4 = Vehicle
5 = Direct
6 = System

arma2oa 1.62.gif


Number Disable dropping items while swimming. Introduced in BETA 1.60.93965.
enableItemsDropping = 0;

0 = Disable
1 = Enable

arma2oa 1.62.gif


String Executes a custom .sqf script in scheduled environment (execVM) when player brings up Game Pause screen (presses 'Esc' button). Display parameter of the resulting dialog is available via (_this select 0) inside the script.
onPauseScript = "myOnPauseScript.sqf";

NOTE: The script executes in its own namespace, so in order to pass external global variable to the script you need to explicitly indicate namespace passed variable defined in. For example, while expression like myVar = "123"; defined elsewhere usually is treated as if myVar belongs to missionNamespace, inside onPauseScript you have to be explicit about it:

hint str myVar; //Undefined variable myVar error!
hint str (missionNamespace getVariable "myVar"); //123 

The above is also true if defining global variable inside onPauseScript for use elsewhere:

myVar2 = "345"; //incorrect!
missionNamespace setVariable ["myVar2", "345"]; //correct!
arma3 0.50.gif


String String (usually mission name) shown during mission loading. The string is shown in a slightly larger font above the loadScreen. For example:
OnLoadName = "Point Insertion";
OnLoadMission = "A group of NATO soldiers is tasked with sabotaging a coastal defense.";
loadScreen = "images\loadScreen.paa";

This produces the pictured result. The onLoadMission text is placed below the load screen and the header gameType determines the game time on top of the box.

Loading Screens
arma3 0.50.gif


String Author of the mission. The default loading screen shows this string below the onLoadName in a smaller font prefixed by "by". See onLoadName Loading Screens
arma3 0.50.gif


Number By default a new player is not auto assigned a free playable slot in the mission lobby in Multiplayer. Set it to 0/false to make him auto assigned to the side with least players.
joinUnassigned = 0;//false;

0 = Disable
1 = Enable
Default value: 1

arma3 0.50.gif


Number Allows functions to log to the RPT file. Set it to 1/true to allow RPT logging.
allowFunctionsLog = 1;//true

0 = Disable
1 = Enable

arma3 0.50.gif


Number Allows access to the Debug Console outside of the editor during normal gameplay.
enableDebugConsole = 2;//dangerous in MP

0 = Default behavior, available only in editor
1 = Available in SP and for hosts / logged in admins
2 = Available for everyone

arma3 0.50.gif


Number Corpse limit before which ( <= ) corpseRemovalMaxTime applies and after which ( > ) corpseRemovalMinTime applies (see below).
corpseLimit = 1;

Default value: 15

arma3 0.50.gif


Number Remove all bodies that have been dead longer than corpseRemovalMinTime when corpseLimit is breached.
corpseRemovalMinTime = 60; //seconds

Default value: 10

arma3 0.50.gif


Number Maximum time a corpse can remain on the ground if total number of corpses is equal or under corpseLimit.
corpseRemovalMaxTime = 1200; //seconds

Default value: 3600

arma3 0.50.gif


Number Vehicle wreck limit before which ( <= ) wreckRemovalMaxTime applies and after which ( > ) wreckRemovalMinTime applies (see below).
wreckLimit = 1;

Default value: 15

arma3 0.50.gif


Number Remove all wrecks that have existed longer than wreckRemovalMinTime when wreckLimit is breached.
wreckRemovalMinTime = 60; //seconds

Default value: 10

arma3 0.50.gif


Number Maximum time a wreck can remain on the ground if total number of wrecks is equal or under wreckLimit.
wreckRemovalMaxTime = 1200; //seconds

Default value: 3600