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| tkoh |Game name=
| tkoh
|1.00|Game version=
|gr1= Database |GROUP1=
|gr1= Database
| Returns all values within class. |DESCRIPTION=
| Returns all values within class.
| [database, path] call [[BIS_fnc_dbValueList]]; |SYNTAX=
| [database, path] call [[BIS_fnc_dbValueList]];
|p1= database - [[Array]]: Databse array |PARAMETER1=
|p1= database - [[Array]]: Databse array
|p2= path- [[Array]]: Path to class |PARAMETER2=
|p2= path- [[Array]]: Path to class
| [[Array]]: List of all value names|RETURNVALUE=
| [[Array]]: List of all value names
|x1= <code>[["#MILLER", ["&KILLS", 1000, "&RANK", "CAPTAIN"]], ["miller"]] call BIS_fnc_dbValueList; {{codecomment|// ["KILLS","RANK"]}}</code>
|x1= <code>[["#MILLER", ["&KILLS", 1000, "&RANK", "CAPTAIN"]], ["miller"]] call BIS_fnc_dbValueList; {{codecomment|// ["KILLS","RANK"]}}</code>
| [[:Category:Function Group: Database|Database functions]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassCheck]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassId]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassIndex]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassList]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassRemove]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassReturn]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassSet]] [[BIS_fnc_dbConfigPath]] [[BIS_fnc_dbImportConfig]] [[BIS_fnc_dbImportXML]] [[BIS_fnc_dbisClass]] [[BIS_fnc_dbisValue]] [[BIS_fnc_dbPrint]] [[BIS_fnc_dbSymbolClass]] [[BIS_fnc_dbSymbolValue]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueCheck]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueId]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueIndex]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueRemove]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueReturn]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueSet]] |SEEALSO=
| [[:Category:Function Group: Database|Database functions]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassCheck]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassId]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassIndex]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassList]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassRemove]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassReturn]] [[BIS_fnc_dbClassSet]] [[BIS_fnc_dbConfigPath]] [[BIS_fnc_dbImportConfig]] [[BIS_fnc_dbImportXML]] [[BIS_fnc_dbisClass]] [[BIS_fnc_dbisValue]] [[BIS_fnc_dbPrint]] [[BIS_fnc_dbSymbolClass]] [[BIS_fnc_dbSymbolValue]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueCheck]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueId]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueIndex]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueRemove]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueReturn]] [[BIS_fnc_dbValueSet]]

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Returns all values within class.


[database, path] call BIS_fnc_dbValueList;
database - Array: Databse array
path- Array: Path to class
Return Value:
Array: List of all value names


Example 1:
[["#MILLER", ["&KILLS", 1000, "&RANK", "CAPTAIN"]], ["miller"]] call BIS_fnc_dbValueList; // ["KILLS","RANK"]

Additional Information

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