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<h3 style="display:none">Bottom Section</h3>

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	Version:		0.1
	Name:			Instructor Figure
	PARAMETERS:		1) function called - string, list of functions:
						- Init
						- Destroy
					2) parameter for the function
					For more informations see https://wiki.bistudio.com/index.php/A3_InstructorFigure
	RETURNED VALUE:	depends on the function called
	TODO:	        + PlayTopic
					+ Fade out New Intel text
					+ wait for TAB press
					+ use functions for dynamic text
					- kbTell support
						- logging
						+ rework data structure (add, remove, search)
						- ContainerExists function
			        + display only if difficulty is low
					+ disableSerialization
					+ GetTopics should return array, not just debuglog info
					+ deny play more than one topic in a time
					+ Localize
					+ check and fix return values of functions
					+ correct debuglog informations
					- deny addtopic during playing
					+ safe work with BIS_GroupCommunication - dont overwrite user menus
					+ remove INSTRUCTOR FIGURE from BIS_GroupCommunication  
					+ PlayTopicRandom - rule exceeding selection of a previous sentence

(Placeholder description extracted from the function header by BIS_fnc_exportFunctionsToWiki)


Syntax needed
Return Value:
Return value needed


Example 1:

Additional Information

See also:
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