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Changing Player Profile Name


This document assumes that you have some method of transferring a mission save from the Xbox to the PC such as an Action Replay(AR) device.

Step 1

At this point the Xbox game save is on the PC and in a folder

You have copied the ChangeUser.exe file over to this folder.

You then run ChangeUser ProfileName

Step 2

Pack the mission save back up and transfer it back over to the Xbox

Play the mission using your own profile!


Choose the ProfileName you use on your Xbox. Capitals and special characters need to be exactly the same profile name as you’ve created in your Operation FlashPoint: Elite game.

If you receive a corrupted profile, you’ve likely edited the name with a HexEditor.Use the changeuser application to swap the name out.

If you can’t find your mission saves, you’ve likely created an incorrect ‘profile name’.