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A3 Diary v2.jpg

-unknown feature ("WIP") defined-


Default Subjects

Display Name Internal Name Can be Linked Can be Edited Notes
Map Map Checkbox Checkbox Dummy tab
Tasks Tasks Checkbox Checkbox Hidden when no tasks exist
Briefing Diary Checkbox Checkbox Always shown, even when empty. Can be edited with createDiaryRecord.
Team Units Checkbox Checkbox Always shown
Players Players Checkbox Checkbox Hidden in singleplayer
Statistics Statistics Checkbox Checkbox Hidden until scores are changed

Custom Subjects

Can be created with createDiarySubject - they go after all the default ones and can obviously be modified.



Subject commands Record commands Helper commands
createDiarySubject createDiaryRecord createDiaryLink
removeDiarySubject removeDiaryRecord processDiaryLink
selectDiarySubject setDiaryRecordText
diarySubjectExists diaryRecordNull