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FTL system means Friendly To Local system.


FTL tracks relationship between player and civilian side. Depending on players actions the FTL value increases or decreases.
The interval of this value can be between -1 and 1 units. From -0.3 to 0.3, the relationship is NEUTRAL. In interval 0.4 to 1 is relationship HIGH.
If value is between -0.4 and -1 then relationship is LOW. These discrete values can imagine the "friendship" between two sides. In the campaign, it can affect the story telling and can smoothly or rapidly change the flow of the missions. If player will not help to civilian and will be bad then the campaign could become harder than in another case where player will be helping to local civilian, or neutral if he will be doing nothing.

In every mission we can divide this system to two categories.

  • What affects FTL - means the acts which will be increasing or decreasing the FTL value
  • What depends on FTL - means the actions which will happen depending on the FTL value

FTL system

How it Works

FTL is a value, but FTL manager is an object. It manages and computes the new value and returns discrete value as a string. It is a container which encapsulate functions and values.

  • The FTL manager holds these variables:
    • FTLValue: Integer - value with range between -1 to 1.
    • FTLState: String - discrete value (can be LOW, NEUTRAL or HIGH) which is computed from FTLValue.
  • FTL manager has these functions:
    • GetFTLState(): String - returns the current FTL state
    • SetFTLState(type: string) - computes and sets the new FTLValue and FTLState afterward.
      • The Type parameter determines how much will be increased/decreased current FTLValue. There should be a table which shows what value is assigned to the operation.


Type Value
CivKilled -0.3
TaskRefused -0.1
TaskDone 0.4

Cooperating with ALICE and RESPECT Systems

FTL manager will cooperate with the ALICE system, because ALICE tracks respect value.
Each village has own respect value. FTL manager will compute the average respect value from all villages and Rebels groups in Takistan and will use the result for additional computes.

Addon: Oblivion index

If FTL is low and it is at least one hour from the last negative operation (which has decreased the FTL), then the FTL manager will compute the oblivion index (which simulates the forgetting during the time) and will add it to the current value.