Operation Flashpoint: Resistance: Main Characters

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Victor Troska

Victor Troska

Victor Troska has a somewhat enigmatic background. Born on Nogova, he was exiled as a young man and forced to leave the island. He found himself serving in various foreign special forces and secret service organisations - where he met Major James Gastovski - before returning to Nogova during the 1974 revolution. He played a significant role in those events, which ultimately led to the dissolution of the pro-soviet regime and the establishing of a new democratic republic.

He then joined the police force and helped to maintain stability and order on the island, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming a judge.

Then in 1982 Nogova was invaded by Soviet troops led by General Guba, and Troska was forced to choose between capitulation and combat. He led the local Resistance forces in a retaliatory campaign against the invaders, and with help from his old friend Gastovski, they overthrew the invasion. Tragically, in the last battle Troska was cornered by Guba's remaining forces and was apparently killed, though no trace of his remains could be found.

Tasmanian Devil

A weirdo on the radio...


In Resistance, Gabriel appears to know of Victor Troska's experience in the Special Forces, and when he sees Troska at his house, Victor seems to know him. Gabriel tries to convince Victor to fight for the Resistance, but he is turned away. The next day, after the Soviets have been to Victor's house, Victor goes to Gabriel at the temporary camp for the Novoga Resistance (if the player does not choose to ally with the Russians in the Crossroads mission). Halfway through telling Victor of his plan, Gabriel is killed by the Soviet forces who have found their way to the camp. If the player chooses to ally with the Soviets in Crossroads, when Victor reaches the main Resistance camp, Geronimo tells him that Gabriel has been killed in an ambush Whenever Gabriel appears in Resistance, he is always with Geronimo (presumably his Second in Command)

Stoyan Jakotych

Information missing


James Gastovski

Major James Gastovski

Appeared in: Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

When NATO heard of Guba's activities on Nogova, the official line was that nothing could be done while diplomatic channels were still available. However, Major James Gastovski was sent with a small Black Ops team to lend assistance to his old friend Victor Troska who he served with in the Special Forces. With Gastovski's assistance, and the help he was able to summon from America, Guba's plot was finally defeated though it resulted in Troska's death.

Appears to be a fan of 007 movies.

Colonel Blake

Information missing


General Guba

General Aleksei Vasilii Guba

Appeared in: Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

The little background information there is on Guba reveals that he spent five years as a Commandant in one of Stalin’s Siberian gulags, where he earned the nickname 'The Dentist'. The origin of this nickname is still unknown.
Under Brezhnev he moved to the KGB and we lost track of him. Rumor has it he was running a special interrogation unit in Moscow.

As a Colonel in the Red Army, Guba was sent to occupy the island of Nogova which had recently gained its independance from the socialist Soviet Union. Only the determination of the local Resistance fighters under the leadership of Victor Troska held Guba at bay, and with assistance from the Americans at the eleventh hour, Guba was defeated and escaped.

Note: official BI documentation gives Guba's name as General Ivan Vasilii Guba in CWC, but within the game his name is given as Colonel Aleksei Vasilii Guba.