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Rich text is able to include images and formatting.

It can be created using XML like syntax, as seen in parseText.

Introduced with Armed Assault, does not refer to Cold War Crisis or Resistance.

Related commands: parseText, composeText, ctrlSetStructuredText, hintC_structuredText

Code Examples:

_separator1 = parseText "<br />------------------------<br />";

_image = "\ca\ui\textures\aus_flag.paa";

_txt = composeText [image _image,"Heading Text",_separator1,"Content"];

hint _txt;


Line break

Line breaks can also be inserted via the composeText and lineBreak commands

<br /> 


Images can also be inserted via the composeText and image commands

<img image='red.paa' />


In format RGB or ARGB

<t color='#ff0000'>Red text</t>
<t color='#99ffffff'>Transparent white text</t>
<t colorLink='#0000ff'><a href=''>Blue link</a></t>


Default is 1.

<t size='2'> Large text</t>


Font are defined in CfgFontFamilies

<t font='Zeppelin33'>Bold Text</t>


Parameter can be 'left', 'center', 'right'

<t align='center'>Centered Text</t>


<t underline='true'>Underlined Text</t>


Parameter can be '0' (no shadow), '1' (classic shadow, can be colored), '2' outline (always black)

<t shadow='1'>Text with shadow</t>
<t shadow='1' shadowColor='#ff0000'>Text with red Shadow</t>
<t shadow='2'>Text with outline</t>


Since ["Arma 3","Arma3",125,126163,"Development"]

<a href=''>Google</a>
<a color='#0000FF' href=''>Arma 3</a>
<a underline='true' color='#0000FF' href=''>KK's&#160;blog</a>


All operator types values should be encapsulated with '', for example, the following will log an .rpt error "Unknown attribute .0" and only 2 would be taken into account:

<t size=2.0>Large text</t>

While the following is correct:

<t size='2.0'>Large text</t>

A non-break space, commonly known as &nbsp; shows as ? in structured text control. Use alternative which is:&#160;

<t size='2.0'>FIVE&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;SPACES</t>