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= Welcome, Newbies =
Somebody recently remarked that "the wiki scares the public crowd off." [http://community.bistudio.com/wiki?title=User_talk:Kronzky&diff=prev&oldid=19287]
Is that really the case? How was your first impression when coming to this Wiki. What were the major hurdles you had to overcome? Have you heard any responses from other people regarding this (or other) Wikis?
I set up a page where you can leave your experiences, and where we can discuss what to do to make this place a bit less "scary" and how to flatten that learning curve a bit: [[Village Pump (technical): New Users]]
[[Category:Village Pump]]
[[Category:Village Pump]]

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Welcome to the Village Pump. This is the place for editors and sysops to meet, and talk about technical issues, policies, as well as ongoing and upcoming projects. Please use the table below to find the most appropriate section to post in, or use the miscellaneous section.
If you want a quick overview, you can also view all sections at once.

post | watch

News about BI and this Wiki.

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Discuss existing and proposed, new policies.

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New proposals that are not policy related.

Things To Do
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Areas of the Biki that need attention.

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Request assistance for the creation and update of content.

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Technical issues related to the MediaWiki software.

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Topics that do not fit into any other category.