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Improve recent changes

sadly, the biki is abused as a BTS for ArmA at this point. yet thats not the topic of this proposal.

however especially the initially very useful "recent changes" page is now being flooded by these entries. first i'd like to suggest to open a section about the "recent changes" page which discusses the possibilities of its customization, importance and overall value to the end user. in my view the recent changes page is one of the main elements to use the wiki effectively. this has to be made clear to everyone and what is related to have it remain like this (minor edits, preview function, edit comments).

one quite useful tool here is to activate in one's Preferences - recent changes section the Enhanced recent changes (JavaScript) option. This summarizes edits on the same wiki page to one group and therefore enables one to retain a better overview about the changes done.

secondly, i'd like to ask (request) if there is a filter option available ("as plugin") for the mediawiki engine to filter out entries like sandbox, user pages and other custom defined page edits.

thanks! --WGL.Q 11:24, 25 December 2006 (CET)

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