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Creates a mine of the given type.
If the markers array only contains one marker name, it is ignored and the position parameter is used instead. If markers contains multiple marker names, one of them is chosen randomly and used as the center of the placement area.

This command creates objects of the CfgAmmo class named in configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "ammo".
Unit ability to detect mines depends on many factors:

The starting value is defined in config, for example ./CfgVehicles/B_soldier_F/detectSkill, which in this case is 12. Mine specialist value for example, defined in ./CfgVehicles/B_soldier_exp_F/detectSkill is 38.

This value is then dynamically reduced depending on factors such as distance, if a unit is in a vehicle, if it is day or night time, how directly unit is looking at the mine, how fast unit is moving, how inconspicuous is the mine or even if it is visible.


createMine [type, position, markers, placement]
type: String - mine class name from CfgVehicles
position: Object or Array format PositionAGL
markers: Array of Strings - marker name(s)
placement: Number - placement radius
Return Value:


Example 1:
_mine = createMine ["APERSMine", ASLToAGL getPosASL player, [], 3];
Example 2:
Create a satchel charge and give the player control over it:
_charge = createMine ["SatchelCharge_F", player, [], 0]; player addOwnedMine _charge;

Additional Information

See also:
allMines detectedMines mineDetectedBy mineActive revealMine getAllOwnedMines addOwnedMine removeOwnedMine removeAllOwnedMines


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Tankbuster - c
Posted on Jun 05, 2017 - 22:43 (UTC)
Note that this command uses AGL (very similar to ASL) positions, so if you want to use the moored or seabed mine, you'll have to find the appropriate negative z value that is underwater and convert that to ASL. Also note that you can't adjust the positions of sea mines after they've been created. The command is either ignored or not propagated across the network to clients.
Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Sep 25, 2019 - 03:28 (UTC)
The following explosives used in Arma 3 can be created with this command:
Mines Remote detonation charges
  • "ATMine"
  • "APERSMine"
  • "APERSBoundingMine"
  • "SLAMDirectionalMine"
  • "APERSTripMine"
  • "UnderwaterMine"
  • "UnderwaterMineAB"
  • "UnderwaterMinePDM"
  • "SatchelCharge_F"
  • "DemoCharge_F"
  • "Claymore_F"
  • "IEDUrbanBig_F"
  • "IEDLandBig_F"
  • "IEDUrbanSmall_F"
  • "IEDLandSmall_F"