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(returns 1e10 if error)
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|p2= param2: [[Object]], [[Location]] (since VBS2 1.24) or [[Array]]-format [[Position]] |= Parameter 2
|p2= param2: [[Object]], [[Location]] (since VBS2 1.24) or [[Array]]-format [[Position]] |= Parameter 2
| [[Number]] -  Distance in meters. |= Return value
| [[Number]] -  Distance in meters or 1e10 if distance cannot be calculated |= Return value

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Introduced with Operation Flashpoint version 1.00
  Arguments of this scripting command don't have to be local to the client the command is executed on

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Introduced in

Operation Flashpoint


Returns the distance in meters between two Objects, Positions or (since VBS2 1.24) Locations.

NOTE: If positions are supplied as arguments, the coordinates are treated as PositionATL if over the land and as PositionASLW if over the sea.


param1 distance param2
param1: Object, Location (since VBS2 1.24) or Array-format Position
param2: Object, Location (since VBS2 1.24) or Array-format Position
Return Value:
Number - Distance in meters or 1e10 if distance cannot be calculated


Example 1:
_meters=player distance _object
Example 2:
_meters=player distance [1,2,3]
Example 3:
_meters=[1,2,3] distance player

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Posted on Feb 14, 2007 - 12:00
Sudden Death
distance to position3D (array) doesnt work with OFP, only objects Armed Assault: position3D (array) and object works
Posted on Mar 10, 2010 - 12:00
This returns the map distance, not the vector distance, [0,0,0] distance [0,0,1] can be >1 or <1, not exactly 1; unlike the vector math.
Posted on Aug 03, 2012 - 10:15
If a position in format [x, y, z] is provided for both arguments, distance also checks the z dimension as well. Ie: player distance [0,0,200] will return 200, if the player is at this position at ground/sea level.
Posted on March 22, 2014
When objects are supplied as arguments, distance is calculated from their model center (object modelToWorld [0,0,0]), and not the position returned by getPos/ATL/ASL.
However, this is not relevant for units, as their model center matches their world position.

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