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| arma2oa
|game1= arma2oa
|version1= 1.63
|game2= tkoh
|game2= tkoh
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|r1= [[Nothing]]
|r1= [[Nothing]]
| [[diag_frameNo]], [[diag_fps]]
|x1= <code>[[onEachFrame]] { [[hintSilent]] [[str]] [[position]] [[player]]}; {{cc|Hints position every frame}}</code>
|x1= <code>[[onEachFrame]] { [[hintSilent]] [[str]] [[position]] [[player]]}; {{cc|Hints position every frame}}</code>
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|x5= <code>[[onEachFrame]] {}; {{cc|Reset event}}</code>
|x5= <code>[[onEachFrame]] {}; {{cc|Reset event}}</code>
|seealso= [[diag_frameNo]], [[diag_fps]]
{{GameCategory|arma2|Scripting Commands}}
{{GameCategory|arma3|Scripting Commands}}

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Runs given statement every frame.
Arma 3
In order to keep compatibility between official and community content:
Event Handlers


onEachFrame statement
statement: String or Code
Return Value:


Example 1:
onEachFrame { hintSilent str position player}; // Hints position every frame
Example 2:
Private variables defined outside of the onEachFrame scope are not inherited: _myvar = "bob"; myvar = "bill"; onEachFrame { hintSilent str [_myvar, myvar]; }; // Result: [any,"bill"]
Example 3:
Only one onEachFrame loop can exist at any time: onEachFrame { player sideChat "first"; }; onEachFrame { player sideChat "second"; }; // Result: "second", "second", "second"... Note how "first" never gets shown even though it precedes "second". This is because script thread is executing within the same frame and first onEachFrame is overwritten before it has a chance to execute its statement.
Example 4:
Script suspension is not permitted within onEachFrame scope: // Will throw an error onEachFrame { sleep 1; };
Example 5:
onEachFrame {}; // Reset event

Additional Information

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