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|x1= <code>onPlayerConnected "[_id, _name] execVM ""PlayerConnected.sqf""";</code> |= Example 1  
|x1= <code>[[onPlayerConnected]] "[_id, _name] execVM ""PlayerConnected.sqf""";</code> |= Example 1  
|x2= <code>[[onPlayerConnected]] {[[diag_log]] [_id, _uid, _name]};</code> |= Example 2  
|x2= <code>[[onPlayerConnected]] {[[diag_log]] [_id, _uid, _name]};</code> |= Example 2  

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-wrong parameter ("Arma") defined!-1.00
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This statement is launched whenever a player is connected to a MP session.
Variables _id and _name are set, in theory _id being the session id number as seen in #userlist.
Note that as of 1.08, this command only accepts a code-string rather than code delimited by braces.
Note as of ArmA 2 version 1.02 this function also returns the variable _uid which denotes uniqueID of player.
As of version Arma2 1.04, _id will return a number in float format, something like 1.4253e+10.
_id is the Unique DirectPlay ID of player, and there are some conversions between DirectPlay floats and Arma Engine numbers.
In Arma 3 _uid is the same as Steam ID and _name is profileName. Feature arma3
The statement is executed only on the server, not on the joining player's computer, nor on any other client.
This happens even if onPlayerConnected was issued on all machines.
Note that there is a player with the _name called __SERVER__ which will also connect to a multiplayer game, executing statement.


onPlayerConnected statement
statement: String or Code
Return Value:


Example 1:
onPlayerConnected "[_id, _name] execVM ""PlayerConnected.sqf""";
Example 2:
onPlayerConnected {diag_log [_id, _uid, _name]};

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