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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.851.85
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Sets value of the specified custom sound controller to be used in simple expressions in config. Returns true if value was set to the controller, false if command fails, for example if vehicle is not a transport or controller name is not recognised.

Custom sound controller name is case sensitive and of the following format:

format ["CustomSoundController%1", _number]

Where _number is a number from 1 to getCustomSoundControllerCount (currently 32)


setCustomSoundController [vehicle, controller, value]
vehicle: Object - must be a transport type vehicle (doesn't work on characters or buildings)
controller: String - name of the custom sound controller. Need to be full string like i.e. "CustomSoundController1". Currently you can pick from "CustomSoundController1" to "CustomSoundController32"
value: Number - desired value
Return Value:
Bool - true on success


Example 1:
Change value of CustomSoundController1 to 12setCustomSoundController [vehicle player, "CustomSoundController1", 12];

Additional Information

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