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{{Command|= Comments ____________________________________________________________________________________________

| ofp |= Game name

|1.00|= Game version

|arg= local |= Arguments in MP

|eff= global |= Effects in MP ____________________________________________________________________________________________

| Sets flag Side. A flag may be taken by any unit that is enemy to the side that owns the flag. Just like with setFlagTexture, if the command executed where unit is local effect of the command will be global and JIP compatible.|= Description ____________________________________________________________________________________________

| flag setFlagSide side |= Syntax

|p1= flag: Object |= Parameter 1 |p2= side: Side |= Parameter 2

| Nothing |= Return value ____________________________________________________________________________________________

|x1= _flag1 setFlagSide east; |= Example 1

|x2= Capturable OPFOR flag:local _flag = "FlagPole_F" createVehicle position player; _flag setFlagTexture "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_CSAT_CO.paa"; _flag setFlagSide [[east]; |= Example 2 ____________________________________________________________________________________________

| flag, flagOwner, setFlagOwner, setFlagTexture, flagSide, flagTexture, Flag Textures |= See also



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