AI Sub-skills

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Sub-skills are a set of parameters ultimately defining the individual AI unit performance in the game.



  • Affects how well the AI can lead a target
  • Affects how accurately the AI estimate range and calculates bullet drop
  • Affects how well the AI compensates for weapon dispersion
  • Affects how much the AI will know to compensate for recoil (Higher value = more controlled fire)
  • Affects how certain the AI must be about its aim on target before opening fire


  • Affects how steadily the AI can hold a weapon (Higher value = less weapon sway)


  • Affects how quickly the AI can rotate and stabilize its aim (Higher value = faster, less error)


  • Affects how quickly recognized targets are shared with the group (Higher value = faster reporting)


  • Affects unit's subordinates' morale (Higher value = more courage)


Disabled in Arma3


  • Raw "Skill", value is distributed to sub-skills unless defined otherwise. Affects the AI's decision making.


  • Affects the delay between switching or reloading a weapon (Higher value = less delay)


  • Affects the AI ability to spot targets within it's visual or audible range (Higher value = more likely to spot)
  • Affects the accuracy of the information (Higher value = more accurate information)


  • Affects how quick the AI react to death, damage or observing an enemy (Higher value = quicker reaction)


Each sub-skill is used in several calculations. Value of each sub-skill is inherited from the value set by skill slider in Insert Unit dialogue or setSkill command, or more precisely with setSkill alternative syntax. This value is interpolated into ranges defined in CfgAISkill and multiplied by a value of AI Level Skill or Precision set in player's profile (.Arma3Profile file).

See also: AI, skill, setSkill, setUnitAbility, CfgAISkill, ArmA:_Difficulty#Adjusting_Accuracy_Separately, disableAI