ArmA: The AI

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Hopefully this will turn into a useful article about the AI. Please add your knowledge and findings.

AI Features


  • flanks very aggressively.
  • Use & enter building structures for cover
  • leap frogging
  • taking cover more actively
  • Reloading & Rearming while in combat on their own.



Playing Against AI

Some topics which might be good to cover...

Tips for beginners What to watch for. ...

AI Behavior

Influencing the AI through Scripting

knowsAbout Command


Finite State Machine or (FSM) are the files used in giving the unit a primary method of coordinating Artificial Intelligence. Essentially this means that any one with a compatible FSM editor can create and design the AI to their liking. This will be a very powerful tool of the future for mission editor's and addon makers alike.

More information can be found in the FSM structure and concepts article.