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Arma3 to P:\ from mikero

WARNING: Arma3P will overwrite (some) arma2 folders. Ensure, this is a separate p drive


a no nonsense auto installer saving you sweat and tears.


  • YOU MUST HAVE a P:\ drive
    • It is your responsibility to create one and be aware that it is incompatible with an existing a2 p drive.
  • These packages can be found at dev-heaven

None of this is earth shattering stuff. The only use of this batch file is because you're already using the above tools anyway.

PAY ATTENTION to the final dos screen message. You either have

  • No Error(s) Success


  • something went bang
Ignoring this simple fact is entirely your choice.


Simply click on the cmd file and go make coffee, feed the cat, or hell, talk to your wife.

Be aware that extracting some pbo's such as dubbing can take several minutes.


  • ALL relevant rapified files (configs,missions,rvmats, bisurfs,bins) are converted back to humanly readable text.

  • Your P drive is setup with all necessary dll's and buldozer in order to run Terrain Builder / Object Builder.

This batch file currently extracts to the following folders

  • P:\A3
  • P:/dta -> P:\
  • Arma3P removes P:\A3, bin, core, and language_xx before extractions begin.
  • No other folders are AFFECTED

Subsequent upgrades to Arma3 will probably alter this list. It is outside the control of this batch file (but it will be updated as appropriate).


unlike arma2p, this folder is no longer produced as copying 'ca configs' is not necessary if using pboProject