Arma 2: Surrender Module

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Surrender (SRRS) module makes AI soldiers surrendering when in confusion, or outnumbered.




Modules (F7) > Surrender



Editor setup

Optional parameters

Set global variables with desired values:

  • BIS_SRRS_Debug = <number>; - allow or not debug - -1 for no debug, 0 for all debug, and 1 for "loop processing"
Example: BIS_SRRS_Debug = 0;
Default value: -1
  • BIS_SRRS_ENABLED = <bool>; - activate the script
  • = <>; -
  • = <>; -


  • Soldiers surrendering will drop their weapons and put their hands behind their head
  • Soldiers surrendering will be setCaptive, disableAI "move", will leave their group, will disembark from their vehicle if they have one and won't be able to climb in another
  • Group leaders can tell their soldiers to surrender
  • You'll have to place on the map at least one unit of the faction you will create with this module, or setFriend their side, so the created patrols attack their enemies

Known bugs

  • Sometimes, the soldier will lower his hands. Don't worry, he's harmless :-)