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Take On Helicopters
This page is about Arma 3 configuration; for Take On Helicopters, see Take On Helicopters: Loading Screens.

Arma 3 loading screens composes of two main sections:

  • Map - based on currently loaded world; full screen. Configured in world config, cannot be changed in mission.
  • Mission - previews currently loaded mission; fixed size. Configured in mission.

Mission Configuration


author = "John Doe"; // Author
onLoadName = "Epic Invasion"; // Mission name (temporary solution; actual name set in editor will be used later in the alpha)
onLoadMission = "Fate of the world is in your hands. Good luck and Godspeed."; // Description
loadScreen = "loadScreen_ca.paa"; // Preview picture
class Header
	gameType = Coop; // MP mission type


  • must be in paa or jpg file format
  • 2:1 aspect ratio (different aspect are rendered correctly as well, but won't cover the whole area)
  • Ideally 1024x512 pixels

World Configuration


class CfgWorlds
	class Stratis : CAWorld
		author = "Bohemia Interactive"; // Author
		description = "Stratis"; // World name
		pictureMap = "A3\map_Stratis\data\pictureMap_ca.paa"; // Background map
		pictureShot = "A3\map_Stratis\data\ui_Stratis_ca.paa"; // Default overview picture

		// Loading texts displayed on the bottom of the loading screen (picked randomly)
		loadingTexts[] =
			"Area of Stratis is 19.3 square kilometers.",
			"Stratis is of volcanic origin, with many rocks and crevices.",
			"Kamino Firing Range uses remnants of the nearby old Kamino village as a target area."


  • Preferably paa, but jpg file format works too
  • 2048x2048 version of actual satellite map used on terrain. Should be exact copy, will be used by other game systems in the future