Arma 3: Loading Screens

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Arma 3 loading screens composes of two main sections:

  • Map - based on currently loaded world; full screen. Configured in world config, cannot be changed in mission.
  • Mission - previews currently loaded mission; fixed size. Configured in mission.

Mission Configuration


author = "John Doe"; // Author
onLoadName = "Epic Invasion"; // Mission name (temporary solution; actual name set in editor will be used later in the alpha)
onLoadMission = "Fate of the world is in your hands. Good luck and Godspeed."; // Description
loadScreen = "loadScreen_ca.paa"; // Preview picture
class Header
	gameType = Coop; // MP mission type


  • Must be in PAA file format.
  • 2:1 aspect ratio (different aspect are rendered correctly as well, but won't cover the whole area).
  • Ideally 1024x512 pixels.

World Configuration


class CfgWorlds
	class Stratis: CAWorld
		author = "Bohemia Interactive"; // Author
		description = "Stratis"; // World name
		pictureMap = "A3\map_Stratis\data\pictureMap_ca.paa"; // Background map
		pictureShot = "A3\map_Stratis\data\ui_Stratis_ca.paa"; // Default overview picture

		// Loading texts displayed on the bottom of the loading screen (picked randomly)
			"Area of Stratis is 19.3 square kilometers.",
			"Stratis is of volcanic origin, with many rocks and crevices.",
			"Kamino Firing Range uses remnants of the nearby old Kamino village as a target area."


  • Must be in PAA file format.
  • 2048x2048 version of actual satellite map used on terrain. Should be exact copy, will be used by other game systems in the future.