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The Enfusion Tools plugin for Blender offers an easy, semi automated way to import & convert to Enfusion standards any model from Real Virtuality 4 engine in unbinarised (MLOD) P3D format. They are distributed with the Arma Reforger Tools package on Steam.

ODOL P3Ds cannot be imported.


P3D conversion is part of Enfusion Blender Tools therefor it is necessary to install that addon before proceeding. Installation instructions can be found on Enfusion Blenders Tool page.

Since 0.9.7 version of the addon, running Workbench with net API enabled in necessary!

Related Plugin Settings


There is one parameter in this plugin which affect some of the P3D conversion features.

Addon settings can be found in Edit → ⚙ Preferences... → Addons → 3D View: Enfusion Tools

Related parameters

Material Conversion Table

Path to material conversion table. By default plugin will use one of conversion table already distributed with the addon


P3D Import


To begin P3D import, navigate to Enfusion Tools → Import tab & then select "Arma 3 P3D (.p3d)". This will bring you typical Blender File View window where you can select file to import & specify some parameters.

Import Window Interface

This window allows to select the P3D file to be imported & specify import parameters.


Imported Content Overview

Once P3D import is completed, all your objects will be organised into separate collections. Collections are created using following rule set:

  • Each resolution LOD will be in its own - LODx - collection,
  • Geometry related objects (Geometry, Geometry PhysX, View Geometry, etc) are stored in Colliders collection
  • Memory points are stored in... Memory points collection



P3D Import

Any non binarised P3D model created for Arma 3 or DayZ can be imported into Blender using this plugin

Obsolete LODs Discarding

All non compatible LODs are discarded during import. Only the following LODs are imported:

  • Resolution LODs
  • Geometry
  • Geometry PhysX
  • View Geometry
  • Fire Geometry
  • Memory

There is the possibility to import unsupported LODs by unchecking "Discard unsupported LODs" option.

Objects Renaming

All imported objects are renamed to Enfusion standards so they can be correctly recognised during import to Workbench.

There are 2 main rules:

  • All resolution LODs are receiving _LODx suffix. LODs are automatically renumbered from 0 to 15.
  • Geometry LODs receive UTM_ prefix.
The model can only sport up to 16 resolution LODs. Visual LODs above that number are discarded!

Add Layer Presets & Game Materials

Geometries are receiving proper Layer Presets and Game Materials depending on their type and RVMATs they have assigned.

Rules for material renaming can be customised by creating your own version of conversion_gameMaterials.txt & then selecting that custom file in addon settings

Convert Memory Points Axis to Single Socket

Rotation & translation transformations in RV engine are using 2 memory points to determine axis of movement. Enfusion is using rotation of a single point to determine the origin of transformation.

FBX Batch Conversion



Batch file convertToFBX.bat is bundled together with the plugin. You can use this batch file to convert multiple P3Ds at once. This file is located in zip file in the following location: BohemianBlenderTools\p3d_import\batch

After extracting it to your drive, default parameters will have to be modified:

Blender Executable Location

Quite self explanatory - provide the path to the Blender executable

set Object=C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.92\blender.exe

Plugin Location

This path should lead to P3DtoFBX.py file which should be located in the plugin's installation directory.

set Script=%APPDATA%\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\BohemianBlenderTools\p3d_import\P3DtoFBX.py

Once those paths are adjusted, you can simply drag and drop single or multiple P3D files on convertToFBX.bat. New FBX files will be created next to the original P3Ds.