Game Master Tutorial – Arma Reforger

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This article is a work in progress!
See Game Master for information about controls and the interface.

Start Game Master

The game then shows the following screen: it allows to choose the terrain on which the Conflict game will happen, as well as the option to play in single player ("Play") or in multiplayer by joining a network session ("Find server") or hosting a new one ("Host").

Place Assets

Place an Asset

  • Press ↹ Tab to display the Asset Browser
  • If needed, click the filters on the right
  • Click the wanted asset
  • Click where the asset should be placed

Place a Player Unit

  • Press Space
    • if a player unit does not exist, the Asset Browser comes up to pick an infantry unit
    • if a player unit does exist and is alive, it is teleported under the cursor

Asset Operations

Select Assets

Many of the following operations apply to selected assets. In order to select assets, hover or select (by click or rectangle selection) one or multiple assets. A click on a group icon selects all its units.

Move Assets

Drag and drop the asset to its wanted position.

Hold Alt and move the mouse / Hold and PadLS left/right to change the asset's altitude.

Hold ⇧ Shift and move the mouse / Hold and PadLS up/down to change the asset's orientation.

Use Right Mouse Button to cancel position/direction changes.

Change Status

Heal, Resupply, Set On Fire, Extinguish are some of the options found in the contextual menu. To open the contextual menu, right-click on an Asset.


Set asset's health back to 100%.


Refill asset's magazines/ammunition to their default value.

Set On Fire

Set the asset on fire.


Extinguish the fire.

Cast Lightning

This creates a lightning strike on the target, destroying it

Start Bleeding

(soldier only)

This makes the soldier start bleeding and need a bandage


(vehicle only)

This refills the vehicle's fuel tank instantly

Edit Advanced Settings

Double-click on the asset or right-click and pick the "Edit Properties" option from the contextual menu to edit advanced asset settings, such as damage, blood level for human or fuel level for vehicles.

A dead human or a destroyed vehicle cannot be resurrected this way.

Duplicate Assets

Right-click on the asset and pick the "Place entity anew" option from the contextual menu.

Neutralise Assets

Press End. Alternatively, right-click on the asset and pick the "Neutralize" option from the contextual menu to neutralise the asset.

Remove Assets

Press Del. Alternatively, right-click on the asset and pick the "Delete" option from the contextual menu.

Group Operations


Move the group by drag and drop action.

TODO: Add more operations