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See Arma Reforger Known Issues page for more information.
Arma Reforger
These issues concern Arma Reforger v1.1.0.34.


  • Vehicles don't take damage reliably on a dedicated server
  • Driving over a player character will not damage them
  • Jerrycan dropped from hand cannot be refueled
  • Refueling does not make any sound in multiplayer
  • It is not possible to properly use scopes in a prone stance
  • The backpack is not visible in inventory after being equipped
  • Dying with open Armavision makes it stuck to a dead character
  • Jumping sometimes makes the character float in a frozen pose
  • FidelityFX Super Resolution reset after changing the Quality preset
  • The base will sometimes show the supply count in a decimal number
  • Some fortifications get deleted on the server after placement
  • Some items in the inventory can look blurry and have a low poly texture
  • Building previews are rarely visible for players without an equipped shovel
  • Dropped items while having full inventory are invisible to clients on a server
  • When trying to enter vehicles, players can sometimes open vehicle inventory
  • Character are not colliding with helicopter blades when standing on top of them
  • It is sometimes impossible to load and unload supplies into the vehicle next to the supply points
  • Players are unable to change stance after getting dragged from the vehicles when they are unconscious
  • RPG and LAW collider get stuck underneath the car after restreaming armed weapons inside of the inventory
  • Some running animations are replicated to other players in slow-mo after the character gets out of the water
  • Characters can get stuck in the unconscious state if they are starting ambient animation at the same time when they are put in the unconscious state

Game Master

  • Players getting killed by Game Master are punished for suicide
  • Deleting all dead bodies and destroyed vehicles with Game Master can lead to the kick of all Game Masters from the server
  • Workaround: Delete entities in smaller batches
  • Players leaving Game Master mode on populated servers or servers with pre-spawned AIs have a higher chance of being kicked from the server
  • Sadly, this can even happen to normal players when they are respawning on the other side of the map
  • Adding supplies with Game Master can break the supply counter UI


  • There is a high probability of crashing when joining friends through overlay while downloading mods
  • Interrupting mine placement animations results in a client crash