Arma Reforger:Known Issues

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As of

  • All vehicles will disappear after 10 minutes of not using them
  • Playing in the fullscreen can cut the bottom part of the UI information for the weapons and turrets
  • Deleting all dead bodies and destroyed vehicles with the GM can lead to the kick of all GMs from the server
    • Workaround: Delete entities in smaller batches
  • Right-clicking when using GM will open an empty radial or it will center the cursor instead of opening the context menu
  • Some buildings/compositions can be built without a proper obstruction check making these buildings/compositions unusable
  • After enabling a previously disabled add-on, included missions are not displayed in the "Scenarios" tab until the game is restarted
  • Characters in the turrets sometimes start drifting away creating a surrealistic portrait of a man with really long arms holding a turret
  • Deleting objects/fortifications does not reimburse supplies when it was built from a supply truck but deleted from the camp's freebuilding mode
  • Players that reconnect to the server are missing rights to use ArmaVision and Building interface. The only way is to disconnect from the server and connect back.
  • Spawning on the radio in the vehicle into the driver seat will not allow a player to control the vehicle until he changes the seat or leaves the vehicle and re-enters it
  • Players sometimes cannot join already existing groups on the server after they connect
  • Players reconnecting to the server are not joining the group where they were and need to rejoin the group
  • Players can soft-lock themself when joining a server with a mod that they reported. They need to cancel the mod report in the Workshop to be able to join the server
  • Exploding on own placed mines while in a vehicle counts as Friendly Fire on DS
  • Most AIs in a group are inert during fight with multiple targets
  • Tracers have no color in night
  • Respawning on the radio in the vehicle will not allow player to use gadgets
  • Radial menu is empty after one GM player disconnects
  • Screen effects (from blood loss for example) are displayed over UI elements such as chat
  • Radio frequency defaults to 32 (or 38 for Soviets) no matter the group
  • Downloading progress can overflow 100% due to bad data count. Happens when downloading of same addon is repeated.
Server performance can be greatly reduced when replicating a high number of characters (players + AIs), and this issue becomes more prominent with increased limits, making it difficult to handle 128 players and 200+ AIs.
Playing Everon Conflict with 128 players is not recommended, while Arland might be more feasible due to its smaller size and fewer AI spawns. Pure PvP without AIs could be a potential alternative for larger player counts.