Weapon Animation – Arma Reforger

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This tutorial assumes that the weapon has some basic skinning and configuration. Instructions for those can be found on the Weapon Creation page.

Beside that, it is also expected that at least Blender 3.3.1 LTS is installed together with the latest version of the Arma Reforger:Enfusion Blender Tools#Export TXA Enfusion Blender Tools plugin.

The Weapon animation tutorial is divided into 3 parts:

  • Setup - in this part you will get familiar with the Animation Editor, preparing new animation workspace for weapon by duplicating some existing files and linking this new workspace to the weapon prefab
  • Basic Tutorial - this page covers actual creation of animations in Blender and their export to Workbench, preparation of weapon IK pose and some basic weapon animation
  • Advanced Tutorial - this part describes process of creating more complex animations - additive motion, creation of prone variants of weapon animations, retargeting animations using Reforger source data and more