World Editor: Object Brush Scripted Tool

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Object Brush is a scripted World Editor scripted Tool. It allows for quick terrain "painting" with entities, based on the set parameters.

To access it, click the paintbrush icon in World Editor.


  • Left Mouse Button to generate Prefabs in the area
  • Left Mouse Button and drag to generate Prefabs along mouse movement
  • Alt + Left Mouse Button then to generate Prefabs along a straight line; Esc to cancel
  • Hold Space to delete Object Brush-created entities (works with all control combinations above)


Object Brush

Name Description


Brush's radius


Brush's strength, value being in entity per hectare (100×100m)

Scale Fall Off Curve

Define the scale's Fall Off curve - curve goes from centre to border

Density Fall Off Enabled

Enable Density Fall Off settings below

Density Fall Off only works well for wid brush single click placements

Density Fall Off Curve

Define the density's Fall Off curve - curve goes from centre to border

Density Fall Off Subarea Count

Define the amount of sub-areas (internal sub-division for performance)

Override Brush

Remove previously Brush-placed entities

Objects Config

This is where objects to be created are defined - see the section below. An SCR_ObjectBrushArrayConfig config can be drag & dropped here.

Config examples can be found in Configs/Workbench/ObjectBrush.

Objects Config

Name Description

Min Scale

Maximum scale the object can have - requires Override Randomization enabled

Max Scale

Maximum scale the object can have - requires Override Randomization enabled


The Prefab to use

Bot Distance


Random Pitch Angle

Random X angle ("looking down/up")

Random Roll Angle

Random Z angle ("barrel roll")

Vertical Offset


Random Yaw Angle

Random Y angle ("direction")

Prefab Offset Y

Static value that will be added to the Prefab's Y position

Min Random Vertical Offset

-value..0 negative range of Y randomness (cumulative with Prefab Offset Y)

Max Random Vertical Offset

0..+value positive range of Y randomness (cumulative with Prefab Offset Y)

Override Randomization

If checked, Prefab will use:
  • Min Scale / Max Scale
  • Random Pitch, Random Roll, Random Yaw values

Otherwise, Prefab's Library random values will be used


The selection probability weight; if set to zero, the Prefab is ignored

Align To Normal

Align the generated Prefab to terrain's normal (makes it perpendicular to the terrain)

Scale Falloff

Whether or not using Scale Fall Off parameters

Lowest Scale Falloff Value

Minimum scale value the Scale Fall Off can set


Name Description

Avoid Objects

Avoid creating Prefabs where other entities are placed

Avoid Objects Detection Radius

Objects detection radius - can be zero

Avoid Objects Detection Height

Objects detection's max height (from the ground)

Avoid Roads

Avoid roads, using their RoadGeneratorEntity Road Clearance value

Avoid Rivers

Avoid rivers, using their RiverEntity Clearance value

Avoid Power Lines

Avoid powerlines, using their SCR_PowerlineGeneratorEntity Clearance value

Avoid Land

Avoid anything above ocean's level

Avoid Ocean

Avoid anything below ocean's level

Obstacles - Area

Name Description

Avoid Forests

Avoid forests (areas with a ForestGeneratorEntity)

Avoid Lakes

Avoid lakes (areas with a LakeGeneratorEntity and with "Is Lake" checked)

Area Detection Radius

Area (forest, lake) detection radius from the first click Set to zero to detect all areas of the world, takes more time the first time (and more RAM)