Eden Editor: Entity Transforming

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Entities in the scenario can be quickly manipulated using the basic transformation.

To change the entity's position, simply drag it around with the Left Mouse Button.

3den moveXY.gif

To change the entity's altitude, hold Alt and drag it up and down.

3den moveZ.gif

To rotate an entity, hold Shift and drag it. It will rotate to face the cursor.

3den rotate.gif

By default, the entity's altitude above the terrain is maintained while dragging it, and it cannot be moved underground.Toggle Vertical Mode to make it follow the sea surface instead, allowing it to be moved underground as well.

3den verticalMode.gif

When an entity gets near any surface while its altitude is being changed, it will be snapped to it. This is useful for quick positioning on building floors or terraces. You can Toggle Surface Snap to disable this behavior when necessary.

3den surfaceSnap.gif

This is all you need to know about the basic transformation. Check Transformation Widget tutorial to learn more about the advanced editing.