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Enfusion is an engine currently (2023) in development by Bohemia Interactive in order to replace Real Virtuality as their common base for future games. As of 2019, Bohemia Interactive assigned most of its development teams to this project[1]. This engine is already in use on DayZ as of 0.63, which was released in 2018[2]. However, it only makes use of Enfusion's rendering, animation[1] and scripting[3] systems.

Enfusion is announced to allow far more flexibility and scalability than Real Virtuality, specifically through modding with the availability of extensive development tools and ability for modders to create their own plugins for Enfusion[1]. Furthermore, Enfusion would also allow modders to interact with the games' core features and mechanics.

On 2021-12-16, Bohemia Interactive revealed an Enfusion trailer along its new website: https://enfusionengine.com/.


  • Enforce Script: DayZ / Arma Reforger
  • Open source 3D software tools support[1]
  • Compatibility with multiple gaming platforms[1]
  • DirectX 12 support [4]
  • Full set of developer tools (Workbench modules) [5]
  • Improved utilisation of modern processors and graphics cards [6]



The below images were taken on January 22nd 2021 and released as puzzle pieces among various official communications. Reddit user Kadava (amongst others) collected them and assembled them on Reddit over time[7][8].

Enfusion Engine Website

From https://enfusionengine.com/


Enfusion Engine - Powering the future of Bohemia's games


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