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The Grenadier is equipped with a standard ordnance rifle with grenade launcher, ammo, and hand grenades.

In OFP and Armed Assault, the soldiers had the same config class structure.


Game Name Config class Weapon class
Operation Flashpoint Grenadier [west] SoldierWG M16GrenadeLauncher Ofp soldierwg.jpg
Operation Flashpoint Grenadier [east] SoldierEG AK74GrenadeLauncher Ofp soldiereg.jpg
Operation Flashpoint Grenadier [resistance] SoldierGG AK47GrenadeLauncher Ofp soldiergg.jpg
Armed Assault Grenadier [BLUEFOR] SoldierWG M4A1GL Soldierw.jpg
Armed Assault Grenadier [OPFOR] SoldierEG AK74GL Soldiere.jpg
Armed Assault Grenadier [RACS] SoldierGG M16A2GL Soldierg.jpg
Armed Assault Grenadier [USMCD] USMCD_Soldier_GL M16A4GL
Arma 2 Grenadier [USMC] USMC_Soldier M16A4_ACG_GL
Arma 2 Grenadier [CDF] CDF_Soldier AK_74_GL
Arma 2 Grenadier [Russia] RU_Soldier AK_107_GL_kobra
Arma 2 Grenadier [ChDKZ] INS_Soldier AK_74_GL
Arma 2 Grenadier [NAPA] GUE_Soldier AK_74_GL