M60 (Tank)

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M60 (Tank)
Ofp m60 tank.jpg
Crew 3 crew soldiers
Armor 300
Speed 54
Weapons Gun105, MachineGun7_6 (OFP)
Vehicle classes armored (OFP)

The M60 Patton was the second-line tank for the US Forces in OFP. In reality, it comprised the majority of the tanks in service in the United States Army in 1985. The model resembles the M60A3 version which was in service at that time. The M60 did not return for the ArmA series but made an appearance as a custom addon in some community made mods. The model in these mods was based on an addon created for OFP by an addon maker named Inquisitor.


Game name config name
Operation Flashpoint M60 M60


M60 (Project 1985)