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April 2005

Hotshots is an Operation Flashpoint Conquer the Island (CTI) squad.

The past and the future

It came into the existence in April of 2005 with the fusion of two other CTI teams which were N-force and Protocol CTI. N-force was a team revolving around Neo G that was created specifically with a task to take part in the 4th season of the CTI Team Competition (CTITC) while ProCTI was the latest reanimation of one of the oldest CTI squads by its former member 13.

Presently Hotshots is comprised of just under twenty members a big part of which were in neither of the two squads merging to form Hotshots, thus we have grown well beyond being a simple conglomerate. Hotshots competes in the CTITC and the 6 Towns Tournament at CTI Arena. We won both the 6 Towns tournament as well as season 6 of CTITC.


Hotshots folows a few obvious but important rules:

  • No Fake ID
  • No Cheating
  • No Teamkilling
  • No disobeying of the commander
  • No disrespecting of team members or other players

New members

Players applying for membership in Hotshots are generaly required to pass a trial period which ends after three weeks, after which members vote whether to accept them into the team. We are curreny recruiting.


Visit the Hotshots website at